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Official Discography

Metal Maniack Attack (2011) Full-Lenght

01. Metal Maniack Attack
02. Welcome Back (Heavy Metal)
03. Before The Night
04. Nasty Savage
05. Nostalgia
06. The Electric Wizard
07. Apocalyptic Ride
08. Thrashing Mad
09. Along The Rainbow
10. Megahera

Label: My Graveyard Productions (ITA)

Leather In London (2012) E.P.
01- Welcome Back (Heavy Metal) [Live Purple Turtle, London UK]
02- Marras' Solo [Live Purple Turtle, London UK]
03- Along The Rainbow [Live Purple Turtle, London UK]
04- Let It Loose [Savage Cover, Studio]
05- Armageddon [Blitzkrieg Cover, Studio]
06- Bloody Sunset [Studio]
Label: Metal Evilution (AUS)

Condemned To Insanity (2022) Full-Lenght
01. Adventus
02. Eye For An Eye
03. Condemned To Insanity
04. Pharaoh's Curse
05. Fighting Forever
06. Into The Sea
07. Atlantis
08. Bipolar Mind
09. Azure Mirror
10. Against The Law
11. Dancing In The Fire
Label: Megahera Records


Founded in October 2008 by Sardinian singer/guitarist Mario Marras embodied by the insatiable desire to bring back 80s sound vibe. The name Megahera, in fact, means: MEGA (great) Hera (intended as era) ie the Great Age, the ‘80s. Megahera born to give hope and support to all those who have seen their dreams crushed during the degenerating advance of the '90s Immediately after choosing the band name, Mario started the hunt for the perfect band mates: musicians with the same passion for 80’s Metal & Rock who shared the same ideals. Megahera started off really well, with a series of dates throughout Sardinia, also known as ''The Infernal Sardinian Tour'' and the recording of their first demo Lethal Noise of Violence. Taking inspiration from a variety of 80th bands Megahera managed to create their own blend of NWOBHM and Bay Area Thrash. Following their first shows and Demo, the band started to gain praises across fans and media alike, being also invited to participate to the ' Eventi Metallici Fest 2010 ', a competition that has now become a traditional appointment for all metalheads in Sardinia, and saw Megahera win the final session and play alongside Paul Di'Anno (ex-Iron Maiden), who appeared as special guest. A few months later, Megahera won another contest: the ''Summer Rock Festival'', which allowed them to cross the Italian border, and perform live in London. From that moment on, the band started a series of consecutive live performances, supported and thoroughly appreciated by their fans. Coinciding with their active touring schedule, Megahera was working hard for the recording of their first album Metal Maniac Attack, which was released in 2011, via My Graveyard Production. Their debut record, saw the band affirming themselves as “the band who sanctioned the return of the old sound”, against the new currents and the new commercial principles. Metal Maniac Attack, saw the band’s sound going back to a soundscape that had been lost because of the 90 imbastardmented music. To promote their debut album the band organised their first Australian tour, ‘Insanity Attack Tour’, in cooperation with Metal Evilution Organizzation (Australia), which saw Megahera performing a series of shows across the globe. Megahera also found the time to release Leather In London(Ep) during their Australian Tour, via Metal Evilution. July 2013, the exhibition at the Headbangers Open Air (Brande Hörnerkirschen, Germany), alongside of Praying Mantis,Savage and Metal Church etc. Few years later: "Condemned to insanity" album. Megahera continue to perform live everywhere. I'm currently in the recording studio for the realization of the new third album: Stay tuned for more news! MEGAHERA.. THE NEW ERA!


Contacts: [email protected]

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/megahera

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/megaheramh/